Monday, September 1, 2014

Design Wall Monday - September 1, 2014 (and stash report)

Can you believe that it is September already?  I sure don't know where August went.  This is the first summer at college where my daughter only spent part of the summer at home due to a summer internship and I think that is why I feel like summer shouldn't be over already.

I have been trying to concentrate on getting a few things at least to the finished top stage the last week so I don't have so many pieces and parts floating around the sewing room.  I did manage to get a few runner tops finished and the middle of a Christmas quilt all pieced and ready for borders.

Here are some of the runners I worked on and finished up the tops this week, posting those pictures as there currently is nothing on my design wall.

These fall runners were made from fall charm packs with a 1 inch strip added down the middle.

The Christmas runner on the left if finished (top) and the other still in process.  These blocks were made out of left over binding strips and then the black and gold pin dot fabric was added for the snowball corners and narrow sashing.   These were based off of a Missouri Star pattern where she made striped beach balls and thought they would also make great ornaments.

My current stats are:

Fabric used this week:  7 yards (runners and backings)
Fabric purchased this week:  2 more yards of the black and gold pin dot

Fabric used YTD:  225.75
Fabric purchased YTD:  133.75

Net fabric used in 2014:  92 yards

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Stash Enhancement Report

I can't believe how long it has been since I posted.  I guess to many things going on, especially on Sundays when I would usually post.

Had to move the daughter out of her college apartment the end of July and then back in last weekend, a weekend trip to Virginia Beach, a trip to the Hershey Quilt show and a variety of other things.

Because of all of that and working on several customer quilts I also didn't get as much sewing done as I thought I would in the last month or so.

I purchased over 9 yards of fabric at the Hershey quilt shop, 6 yards locally and another 3 when we went to the beach.

My current stats now are:

Fabric purchased in the last few weeks:  20.5 yards
Fabric used in the last few weeks:  17 yards (several table runners and backings)

Fabric purchased YTD:  131.75
Fabric used YTD:  218.75

Net fabric used in 2014:  87 yards

Going to strive to get a few more projects to the completed and yardage counted point.  I always have a few things going at once but right now just far to many and have a new one starting for a workshop next week that makes TWO quilts at once.  Plan on doing them scrap Christmas so I don't have to buy anything I can use up some of the smaller Christmas fabrics that I have left.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Design Wall Monday (and Sunday Stash Report)

I have no clue why but I never got on here to post my Sunday stash report so will do that first.

Fabric I used this week was for 2 table runner tops, a couple of backings and gave a little wine themed fabric away to a friend.   So my current stats are:

Fabric purchased this week:  ZERO!!!
Fabric used this week:  5.5 yards

Fabric purchased YTD:  111.75
Fabric used YTD:  201,.75

Net fabric used in 2014:  89.75 yards

The zero purchase/added this week was great.  I know I can't have that again this coming week with going to the Hershey Quilt Show on Saturday but I am going to try and go with a couple of "missions" so I only look for those fabrics.   I know I won't totally stick to that but I do so much better when I have a mission to accomplish.   Right now I will be in search of a sort of ugly green to go with some crab fabric I have.  Will have to spend part of the week going through projects I have and see what else I can specifically look for.

As for the design wall part of my posting, unfortunately I don't have anything on there right now.  I have several projects in the works (batik quilt for our bed, charm quilt for Mandy if she likes it and two charm fall table runners I stared on Thursday) but nothing on the wall right now.

I did decorate the trees on this table runner with crystals so thought I would show that.

I am not going to set any specific quilting goals this week.  I have several small customer items to quilt so that will probably take a lot of my sewing time.  In addition I have a couple of appointments this week, the bus trip to Hershey and also get ready to move the DD home for a few weeks.  College apartments have an 11 month lease so she needs to move home for a few weeks and then the end of August back right into the same building, just a different apartment.  It would be so much easier if her stuff could just be moved from one apartment to another but the building uses those few weeks of no one in the building to do all the maintenance, painting, repairs etc.

So will be a busy week, hope to work on at least one of my projects for awhile.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Design Wall Monday - July 14, 2014

I wasn't to good about taking pictures this week but I did take a picture after I got the hexagon runner top done, this was inspired by Eleanor Burns visit to Fons and Porter show a little over a week ago.  I like how the black makes it pop.  

This is still on my design wall.  No new projects in the works right now.  Trying to get binding on a couple of runners, zig zag around the motifs on a couple of other runners, make some backings for the next few things to be quilted etc.  Lots of progress but nothing much to speak about.  

I did pretty good on my goals for last week.  I quilted several table runners and a wall hanging and even got the wall hanging bound and decorated with crystals.  I inventoried all the table runners I have so far for fall craft shows but still need to price and inventory all the lap/baby quilts.  I usually wait till right before the shows and regret it so trying to get that done early this year and will then price and inventory the rest as they are finished.  

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - July 13, 2014

This past week I quilted a wall hanging and several table runners so most of my fabric usage has been for backings and bordering some table runners that were partially done.

Seems like it has been a busy week but when I look back I wonder what I did?  Think it was just one of those weeks with lots of errands to run and a couple of appointments and the daughter visiting.

I also joined weight watchers yesterday so hope that goes well.  When I want to eat maybe I will need to go to the quilt room and sew something instead.

My current stats are:

Fabric purchased/in this week:  4 yards (Christmas fabric for craft shows)
Fabric used this week:  10.5 yards

Fabric purchased YTD:  111.75
Fabric used YTD:  196

Net fabric used in 2014:  84.25

My numbers are starting to recover a bit from the June Lancaster trip.  Now if I can just control myself in a couple of weeks when I go to the Hershey, PA quilt show!!

Monday, July 7, 2014

Design Wall Monday - July 7, 2014

I actually really do have something on my design wall this week and at least I think they are interesting.

The Christmas Tree is a new panel just out (I just received my bolt about 5 days ago) by Northcott called Old Time Christmas.  I cut the additional designs that were on the top and bottom off and bordered it with black with pin dots of gold in it.   Didn't want a huge wall hanging with this one so that was the only thing added to it.  I plan to quilt with a red/green/gold King Tut thread and then decorate the tree with lots of crystals.  I think it will make a quick and easy but very pretty wall hanging.

I watched the Fons and Porter show that comes on here at 6:00 a.m. on Saturday mornings (yes I am usually up at that time).  Eleanor Burns was on there making a hexagon runner.  I already had some red and green hexagons cut out so was playing with the placement.   After the picture was taken I swapped gold hexagons for the centers.  Will try to post a picture of the finished runner soon.

Considering my daughter was home for 4 days I got a lot more done than I had thought I would.  I guess that is mainly because when a 20 year old is "home" they are not really at home much more than to sleep.  At least I did sneak in some good visit time which will hold me to the next visit.  She also was home when I got my new iphone and since I had a slide phone that was about 7 years old she was able to teach me many of the features of my new phone that I probably wouldn't have figured out on my own.

This week I want to:

1.  Quilt the tree wallhanging
2.  Quilt at least 2 runners
3.  Make a backing and quilt a kids quilt
and 4.  Inventory all my craft show items.  I really need to do this, just keep pushing it off.

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sunday Stash Report - July 6, 2014

I hope that everyone is having a great 4th of July weekend.  We have been enjoying a nice visit from our daughter, home from college internship.

I have managed to get a few things quilted this week, a table runner and wall hanging top completed and backings made for a couple of items.

Here is the table runner I made inspired by a video from Missouri Star Quilt Company.  She did hers in summer colors and I believed called it a beach ball quilt but I used left over binding strips and mine I think looks like Christmas ornaments.

Think I will make another one of these but next time I will have some of the blocks facing up and down and not all of them sideways.

My current stats are:

Fabric added this week:  5.25 yards for backings
Fabric used this week:  9 yards

Fabric added YTD:  107.75
Fabric used YTD:  185.5

Net fabric used in 2014:  77.75

I want to try and push that net used number up past 100 yards this summer.